Steel Stand Table


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The Steel Stand Table looks light but is extremely sturdy with plenty of leg room. The 5 mm narrow edge of the solid wood panel corresponds perfectly with the Steel Stands. Despite its filigree appearance, the table has a strong spatial presence due to its geometric lines. The combination of the solid wood panels with the coloured Steel Stands offers many possible combinations. Due to the high-quality natural effect finish, the solid wood panel in oak or walnut retains its matte, natural look and feel and is nevertheless very easy to clean. The threaded sockets embedded in the bottom of the table top allow a simple and stable connection with the table stands.

Design: Sebastian Scherer

Colour steel trestles: jet black, white, silk grey, yellow, coral red, rose

Material table top: matt lacquered oak , black stained oak, American walnut

Length: 160 / 200 / 240 cm Width: 90 cm Height: 74 cm

Made in Germany

made to order: lead time: 4 - 6 weeks 

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